About O.

O. is centered around unity, innovation, and performance. Lewis and Muresan researched the textile industry and arrived at technical knit separates engineered around the man’s physique.



#MadeForMovement: the clothing promotes mobility and comfort. The second skin knits were developed for men who want to minimize their time shopping and opt for a system of clothing that all work together. A universal clothing system that can be worn to work or for leisure.




The launch consists of two sweater styles, “The Commander” and “The Pilot” in colors such as Silent White, Process Black, Mercury Blue, and Solar Yellow, which references the rankings in The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In collaboration with PANTONE, O. has standardized their launching color ways in its textiles. Color management is important to O. and Pantone has the tools to help achieve the perfect color every single time.





O. is high performance living. Every individual has the potential to achieve their goals and our product is made to assist in the creation of their dreams. We are self-starters who are technical about the details from start to finish. We want to explore the conversation around apparel of the future and use technology to assist us along the way.