Shield Masks, which are fully fashioned knit masks that are composed of SmartSilver antimicrobial technology combined with synthetic fibers.



"O. Studio Design is for individuals who want the option of wearing the same knitwear to the office with slacks or for a night out with joggers or jeans. Lewis’ goal is “to provide people with dependable staples, a uniform.”

Atlanta-based O. Studio wants to design a new daily outfit for everyone.

Easy and minimalist, they’re meant to be incorporated into your outfit every day, for everything from a Zoom meeting to a workout. Read more.

At O. STUDIO DESIGN we’re about creating a uniform that can be incorporated in your existing wardrobe to add some character and moveability to what you already own and wear.

Clothing should make you feel free.

The idea of the future and the developments in technology inspires us to create for tomorrow. We focus on synthetic fibers due to performative properties (elasticity, durability, and thermal/electrical conductivity.) Our apparel is heavily influenced by athletes and sports. Sportswear and cultural shifts have allowed us to value personal comfort over everything else.


The human body is the base of our work. The body informs how we work and the materials we use. It's vital that our clothing morphs into the human form. It is a second skin.


The greatness of a c(o)mmunity is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. Thank you for believing in us.