O. STUDIO DESIGN is a fully digital company. 

From concept to consumer.

Our physical products were started using technology. 

We create clothing using the digital design process where core products are re-imagined based on millions of clothing references that already exist. Then the design team would create an initial digital 3D prototype and tech-pack that would give the manufacturer better insight into the product they are making. This process leaves less room for error and sets the correct expectations for the end product. An end-to-end digital approach also allows design ideas to be shared, viewed and edited easily across all the teams. 






O. Studio Design seeks to create a circular business model where products are designed and developed with the next user in mind. This plan encompasses everything from early 3D visualization to using digital communication throughout the supply chain; from yarn spinners to manufacturers. As reported by the United Nations, fashion contributes $2.4 trillion to global manufacturing and is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. By making conscious choices to reduce impact through digital technology.