Get Moving.

"If you rest, you rust" - Helen Hayes 


When we are running low, the battery in the red we tend to stop moving in fear that we will end. This is an indicator that we are not at our best. See, when you're fueled in the green you're ready to take on everything life throws at you. You focus your herculean strength into doing the most mundane brutal tasks and you make it through. At O., we know what it feels like to have the odds against you and to persevere through it all. Repeatedly, proving to all the naysayers and yourself that you can do anything. If you're reading this you are one of us as well. A fighter who was once at 1% but you made it back to 100% or at least close to it. Maintaining is a process in itself, but we can change, to become better at any given moment.

When we wear O. we feel at our best and not in a pretentious way, but rather a way that makes us feel in control. We're human and adapting is in our DNA. We fight against the stagnation of the mind. Where the mind goes the body will follow. For us, we stay in control by working towards our goals rigorously, learning by attempting, and displaying discipline in any way we can (dieting, exercising, ridding toxic habits, etc). The act of going without will reveal the necessities your life needs.

Inevitably, we will find ourselves in need of a charge. When we are pursuing things we love, we start to see our life supply increase percentage by percentage. Be wary of places and people that don't fuel you.

Alex and I found success in our own right before partnering in a business. But, we wanted and needed to direct our attention to something that felt real and much bigger than us.

O. #unites us by making us tolerant of each other's individuality while moving in unison. O. allows us #innovate because we do not aspire to create something that already exists. We want to make things better. O. makes us #perform. Movement is required if you are trying to get an idea off the ground. We can not be still all the time. If days are hard, we accept that and then push forward. When days are good, we simply keep moving.






Get Moving.